Sep 12, 2011

iPad 2 Giveaway!

I love Apple and am participating in a give away of an iPad 2 (again) and you can win it!
AND I'm promoting literacy among children at the same time!
I love to read. In fact, my mother used to buy me records to play while I read along in my book.  She could clean a whole house, talk to her friends and I was completely pre-occupied.  I love sharing books, especially with youth.  So, I came up with this neat idea to participate with other bloggers to help encourage reading and literacy among children.  


This giveaway is so fabulous and extrememly important.  Why?

Because each blogger that is participating in this giveaway is donating a book  to either a school, library, or youth organization.

Flightless Goose by Eric D. Goodman and Red Rain by Tim Wendel are two fantastic books that are appropriate for elementary and high school aged students respectively.  I was so excited that so many bloggers wanted to be a part of this idea.  Over 30 bloggers are participating in this event! Their fabulous blogs are listed below.

AND one lucky person will win an Apple iPad 2! What do you have to do to get that? Well, it’s simple and easy to do.  Below is our Rafflecopter  entry form.  In bold are the mandatory entries you have to complete in order to enter this giveaway.  There are thirty-three (it's really not that many).  You just go down the list  and 'like' each Facebook page. You must like the facebook pages with your PERSONAL profile in order for your entry to be counted. You will click on “Click Here” and it will reveal a link.  You must do them all to have officially entered the giveaway. You will earn 33 entries.  It’s so easy (and fast).  Below the mandatory 33, there are additional actions that you may do to earn extra entries (like bonuses). Some you can do everyday until the giveaway is over.  Who doesn’t like extra credit?  There is no need to re-enter on each blog.  If you enter on one blog it will register on the other 32 blogs participating in this giveaway. You MUST be 18+ to enter.  The contest begins at 12:01 a.m. EST, September 12, 2011, and the contest is over 11:59 p.m. EST, September 28, 2011.  So, you got it? Sure? If you have any questions, you can leave us a reply and we will follow up.  So, ON YOUR MARK…GET READY…GET SET…GO!

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