Dec 28, 2011

Quality Baskets is now on Google +

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Dec 12, 2011

5 Ways to save money this Christmas!

We all love a great savings and the Christmas holidays is definitely one of them for me.  Here are a few ways to help you with saving for your Christmas holiday shopping needs this year. 

* Make a list and try to stick to it ( notice I said try).  Creating a distinctive list will help you pick up the items you need as you are out shopping or shopping on the internet.

* Create your budget.  Once you have decided how much you will spend on gifts this year, then you will also know who will receive gifts and who will not.  If you can't afford to buy gifts, consider a swap or an exchange where you are destined to receive something in return.

* Just buy for kids.  If you truly can't afford the adults, buy for the children instead.

* Create your own personal coupons.  These coupons can be for a free night at the movies, babysitting, free lunch, free 10 minute back/neck massage.  Be creative!

* Wrap your gifts with magazines or newspapers this year.  What a way to recycle right?  You will save on deciding what color and bows, etc. 

We hope that you enjoy some of these tips and feel free to share our blog site with your friends. 
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